Often defined as the Italian capital city for finance, education, fashion, and more, Milan is home to some of the most internationally well-known universities and to many companies headquarters.
The city is considered to be the heart of the Lombardy Region (whose GDP alone represents 21.9% of the national value), which is the first Italian region for volume and value of exchange with foreign markets.

Not just a place for business, Milan is also an important cultural hub, being the national centre of the publishing industry and the location of many art exposition centres, galleries, cultural foundations and museums.

If interested in historical sites, there's plenty to see: from the Duomo Cathedral, the Sforzesco Castle and Galleria V.Emanuele to the less central Chiaravalle Abbey or the Brera and Navigli neighbourhoods, the choices are almost endless.

Regione Lombardia 

Nestled in the north of Italy, Regione Lombardia is a vibrant blend of economic vitality, cultural heritage, and natural beauty. Anchored by Milan, a global financial and fashion hub, the region exudes prosperity. Its cities boast historical charm, evident in iconic landmarks and medieval towns. Surrounding this urban tapestry is nature's masterpiece—tranquil lakes and the majestic Alps. Regione Lombardia, a captivating synthesis of prosperity, heritage, and nature, invites exploration beyond the industrial facade.

Politecnico di Milano

The Politecnico di Milano stands as a beacon of academic excellence, renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation, research, and education.  With a rich history dating back to 1863, the Politecnico di Milano has evolved into a dynamic hub for multidisciplinary studies, offering a diverse range of cutting-edge programs that span engineering, architecture and design. The university's global impact is underscored by its collaborations with industry leaders, fostering a seamless integration between academia and real-world challenges. Committed to shaping future generations of innovators and thought leaders, the Politecnico di Milano continues to be a driving force in shaping the landscape of technological advancements and societal progress.


Palazzo Lombardia

Palazzo della Regione Lombardia, located in Milan, stands as an architectural emblem of administrative excellence. This modern and striking building serves as the headquarters for the Lombardy Regional Government. With its distinctive design and commanding presence in the cityscape, the Palazzo is a symbol of both governmental authority and contemporary urban aesthetics in the heart of Milan.

Aula Carassa Dadda

The Carassa Dadda Magna Room stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of two remarkable individuals, Carassa and Dadda, whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the university's history.

Museo Nazionale  Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo di Vinci

The National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan is a captivating journey through the history of innovation. It houses a diverse collection, paying homage to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and showcasing the evolution of science and technology.


For the Milan WRS2024 we suggest accommodations strategically located near Milan Garibaldi or Milan Cadorna. Milan Garibaldi, a major transportation hub, ensures easy access to the city's attractions and facilitates seamless travel for summit attendees. On the other hand, Milan Cadorna offers a central location with proximity to landmarks like Sforza Castle and the picturesque Parco Sempione. Another option would be staying in Milano Bovisa area, slightly further from the city center but closer to the Politecnico di Milano campus. Here are few recommendations: 


15 Minutes walking distance from Bovisa Campus of Politecnico di Milano 
Piazzale Lugano 10, 20158, Milano 


20 Minutes walking distance from Bovisa Campus of Politecnico di Milano
 Via Villapizzone 24, 20156, Milano


7 Minutes walking distance from Cadorna train station
Corso Magenta 61, 20123, Milano


2 Minutes walking distance from Gerusalemme metro station

Piazza Gerusalemme 6, 20154, Milano


4 Minutes walking distance from Cadorna train station

 Corso Magenta  19, 20123, Milano


6 minutes walking distance from Repubblica metro station

Via Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile 2, 20124, Milano 


8 Minutes of walking distance from Garibaldi Train Station

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 6, 20124 Milano MI


5 Minutes of walking distance from Garibaldi Train Station

Via Alessio di Tocqueville, 7/D, 20154 Milano MI


7 Minutes of walking distance from Garibaldi train station

Viale Monte Grappa, 12b, 20124 Milano MI